NaKniSweMo: Woot! Done! Kicked it!

Paintbox Log Cabin Noro Blanket is Finished and I LOVE It!

I think the title says it all.  How about some pictures:


Paintbox log cabin

Almost every bit of it was a complete joy to knit.

Emma and blanket

The last border edge as a bit of a slog, but not a bad one since it's December and I could work under this.


Close up log cabin

(photo using the Instagram App, which I also really like)

The pattern is super fun. Ravelry link here. And I still love Kureyon which is perfect for this project.

Log cabin



It is as glorious as I had envisioned. I hope to fi ish mine soon.

Steph, that is stunning!!!!! Your output astounds me - do you sleep?

That is beautiful! I wish I had the patience to do something like that. How long did it take?

It looks amazing, Stephannie. I hope you aren't planning on giving it away!

That is absolutely amazing, Steph! It's incredibly beautiful. Fabulous!!

Lovely blanket. I still have these dreams of finishing the blanket I started in April before the year end...

Wow!! Stunning :)


Wowwie wowwie! It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats!

The colours really pop with the dark borders. Gorgeous!

It looks amazing, Stephannie. I hope you aren't planning on giving it away!

That is beautiful. I love the colors that you used.

I love it! Very nice work.

Can anyone tell me where to find a pattern for this? I have found the log cabin part of it but am not sure if people are knitting one big blanket (and how that would be done) or squares and then how are they connecting them??

Gorgeous!! I started knitting with Noro Kureyon for the first time this year and I love all the blankets with it. I'm knitting Lizard Ridge, but I looove the log cabin look too.

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