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Ella Revisited KAL!

I was approached by Noni designer of those awesome felted bags and flowers to participate in a knit-along for her Ella coat. She's reinvented the pattern a bit and wants to show it off.

I took one look at the coat and wanted to join up right away.  (Emma was looking over my shoulder trying to suggest I knit the coat for her).

I confess, I love ruffles in knitting.  They clearly have a time and a place, and this coat is one of those places. They're fun and a bit silly (and that's good sometimes).

The coat has a striped version too.  Emma was all over that (for her, life is all about MORE COLOUR).

The offer of yarn to knit it up in exchange for some time cheering on others in the KAL via the blog and Ravelry and Twitter sweetened the pot a whole bunch.  I sent my colour preferences, Noni mixed in their magic and this is what I got:

Noni kal

It's so totally me!  Browns and earth tones with some garnet and cranberry (for the ruffle).  The Shepherd's Wool is super soft and I've wound it all in anticipation of the January 16th start date.

Want to join me?  The yarn is worsted/aran and the pattern is lots of stockinette with some fun shaping thrown in.  There's some great posts on the Noni blog about choosing colours and getting the right fabric. The Ravelry group is also quite fun (and there are contests).  Have a peek and if you join in let me know--It would be fun to blog about others in the KAL.


Beautiful coat. I am approaching a cal of my own starting the end of this month. The Lace Canopy Cardi Shawl that was on the cover of Interweave Crochet Fall 2011. So I better not start up another group project!

But best of luck with this one. It should be spectacular.

Oh my, that is gorgeous, as are your color choices! I'm going to enjoy watching as this piece takes shape. :)

Oh my. I want this and I really cannot justify a project this big unless all the yarn comes from my stash. I wonder if I have enough of any one color or weight for a coat!

Oh that's going to be gorgeous! I'm just ok with ruffles (don't love, don't hate), but they are super super cute in that jacket.

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