And we're off!
I'm knitting other stuff too!

Week Two: Now the Fun Begins

It was nice to complete week one with some time to spare to work on other projects (I'm not a one project knitter!) But by Sunday, I was itching to get striping again.

On Monday Nora posted our week 2 assignment on her blog: finish the back and fronts of the upper bodice. We got some tips on how to ensure we're knitting the right size for the fit we want and some advice on how to work the armhole decreases.  Then I jumped in and got going.  I love all the stripes and noticed that Nora must have seen blog photos of my living room rug when she picked the colours for my sweater.

I must remember to consult my carpet for inspiration the next time I do colourwork!

Tonight I plan to finish the fronts and then I have the weekend to work on other things and wait for the next part of the project.


I'm still on week 1, but I'm nearly there. Only about a 1/2 inch more to knit before checking it for fit.

Haha, looks like your sweater camouflaged itself by blending with your beloved carpet. =) Well, the carpet makes the whole room look temperate. It has that thick, warm touch to it that makes you think of spring and falling leaves.

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