January 03, 2012

Happy New Year! (with some goal setting mixed in) I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012. For those of you doing the 12 knitted things in '12 may your needles be swift and your projects delightful. For everyone, I wish health, happiness and a stash that makes you happy. Me, I'm not any more reflective than I usually am about stuff. But since this blog has always been intended as a space to say what I like, I'll put forth a few goal like things: Running: I want to match my 1000km running goal (btw I ran 1036km in total over 150 runs!!!) and I'm considering entering a 1/2 marathon this year. Truth be told, I will be 42 in July and a full marathon is 42km, so I'm stewing over the idea of doing a full, where perhaps I will discover the meaning of life, the universe and everything in my exercise induced euphoria. (See what I mean about my self-reflexivity?) Spinning: It's like many people's get healthy goals. I once again vow to spin more often. I haven't done more than dust my wheels since the summer. Must try to develop a more regular practice and improve my spinning. Weaving: This winter I need to weave Craig the scarf I promised two winters ago. Maybe I'll warp the loom today just to get things started. This is one craft I feel I have balance with. I pull out the loom when I want a scarf and put it away when I'm done. I could learn more about it, but I don't feel any burning desire to tackle it now (saving it for my retirement). Knitting: It was a good year for me. I completed 6 sweaters, 2 pairs of socks, 7 accessories (hats, scarves etc) and a blanket. I have a few FO's on the go and don't like to over plan my knitting life since well, other life does tend to get in the way. I would like to tackle some stashed projects, knit some knee socks with some handspun sock yarn (already spun) and make stuff that makes me happy since that's really what it's all about. (I love these mosaics!) Stash: My stash is healthy. It doesn't really give me much stress until it moves beyond the furniture I have to contain it in. Right now, I actually have empty storage spaces so I'm pretty content. The biggest problem is that I have so many nice yarns and fibres and not enough time to play with them all. For 2012 I will continue to add to the stash wisely, sell or give away what doesn't give me pleasure and keep working on getting the yearly kilometers of yarn equal or less than the 2011 number of: 57.14km. (I like how that sounds much better than in metres!) That's down from 65km last year so that ain't bad. One way I do this is by making sure my stash is up to date in Ravelry. Then I can shop in my "personal yarn store" before...

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