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Let's Add It Up, Shall We?

Skirting Ella

Nora gave us a big, 3 week assignment for the Ella Reinvented KAL and the deadline is Sunday (not that it's a hard deadline since this is knitting and fun and all that, but I like to stay on top of things). The task is to pick up from the high waist of the Ella bolero and knit down to the length desired.

I can totally do that.  Easy.  Pretty on the pick-up.

My random stripe pattern (for which I have a cheat sheet to keep it random--I know, but I migrate naturally to patterns so I have to plan my randomness), is chugging along and is quite fetching.

Oooooh, what's that?  New yarn for Xander's sweater.  I can work on that for a bit to make him happy.  I have three weeks to knit my Ella skirt.

Flavia?  What a pretty shawl.  I started you at my girls'n'yarn weekend and I'm on the border so I'm practically finished.  I should work on that in the car trip to drop the kids at Grandma's for March break.  Tons of time to work on Ella and she's not that portable anymore (I carry her in a big Lululemon shopping bag).

Aw crap, it's 4 days to deadline time and I have 6 inches of knitting for a knee length Ella. I better get going.


Stephanie, I have a question about your blog and can not e mail you the question because it tries to open Outlook when I click on your E mail me link and I don't use Outlook. Thank you, Jaimee P.S. I have to provide my e mail when leaving a comment so I am guessing you can see it?

I'm so behind in both blog reading and knitting on my Ella. I haven't even gotten through the first task. With all of the balls of yarn it didn't start off portable for me at all!

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