I survived the ruffle!
Ella: The making of the buttonhole band


I am **THIS** close to finishing my Ella coat.  I just need to sew down the buttonhole facing one more time (I don't want to discuss it).  Since I don't have a spiffy new coat to show off today I will show off a gorgeous new shawl instead.

Meet Flavia


The pattern by the awesome GlennaC was the December yummy Indigodragonfly Smartass Knitters/World Domination package this year.  700 metres of lucisious polwarth silk blend, dk weight, super skein of fantasticness.


I started the shawl in late February, knit on it like crazy, then Ella and her ruffles muscled her way into my life.  After I triumphed over the ruffles I went for the easy win and finished the shawl this weekend.

Lovely, squooshy moss stitch, a pointy pretty border.  Perfect for my chilly morning bike ride to work.






It is beautiful! I just can't imagine you biking to work in it...unless you really wear a lovely flowing dress of linen to work as you bike....it's just how I picture this beautiful wrap being worn! (Or in my case over a delightful bikini as we head to the beach! Perfect winter wrap!) You do a fantastic job of knitting and blogging! I can't wait to see your next knit!

Blog foarte bine, a fost fericit de a învăţa o mulţime aici, sper sa pot uita de multe ori, vă mulţumesc foarte mult!

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