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Can this sweater be saved?

Last week I mentioned I finished Pioneer but didn't have much nice to say about it.  That was a bit unfair to the sweater.  It's SILK for goodness sakes!  It's a lovely olive green. I made it with my own two hands!

Now that my house has ceased being molten and I am not a sweaty slug, I decided to give Pioneer another try.

It grew a bit with washing and well the neckline is just too big.  Even with a tank underneath I feel like one of breasts will POP out of the sweater at an inopportune moment.  Just not right.

Can this sweater be saved?

I'm not sure why the idea struck me, but it did: This sweater can be saved.  Three strands of the yarn, my fringe twister, a darning needle and 5 minutes later, I had this:


I laced the yarn through the little holes in the scallop crocheted edge.  My boobs are contained, the sweater gets a little something extra and I like it.  

So now I can give it a proper photoshoot.

Nice back detail with the faux cables:

Pioneer back detail

Also on the sides (this is a great idea for a top-down sweater, it's just enough detail to keep a knitter from losing her sanity and adds a nice detail to the garment).

Pioneer Side detail



I have no faults with this pattern.  It's clear, easy to follow and the sizing worked for me.  I think it's better suited to a stretchier fibre like wool or perhaps a wool silk blend--something that won't grow.  Fibre content matters!

And so does dye lot.  The first ball of this yarn isn't quite the same as the others.  I should have alternated yarns.  Oh well...I still saved this sweater.



That is beautiful yarn! It was worth all of your efforts! Your solution is perfect and looks great on you! Congratulations!

Great save! And it looks great on you!

You are clever! And it looks intentional and hip! Well done!

That is super awesome and now I want to make one with your hack.

Masterful save!

Your fix definitely works, and I personally cannot tell the difference between the two dyelots in your photoshoot. Great sweater!

Pioneer looks great. Fantastic save. Actually, I prefer it with the lacing! Looks great, Steph!

That pattern looks like it was made to be that way. Looks great!

It's looking gorgeous! :D

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