Introducing Wilhelmina
so maybe I started that shawl everyone is knitting...

Logical Progression

I bought this at Rhinebeck (lovely Into the Whirled targhee top colour Kimuro).


Spun it into this.  (Which was supposed to stripe, but I messed something up, but then it was so soft and squooshy and pretty that I didn't care.)


And now, I'm weaving it into this (Warp is Indigodragonfly Polwarth Silk in Chewing the Plasterscenery and Young helpless damsels in damp climates--it's all I had left of either, hence the skinny scarf.)

Weaving handspun

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?


It looks awesome to me. I have a ton of weaving ideas, but they get put to the back burner constantly because knitting is so darn portable.

That is seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

(am killing myself for not snatching some of that Kimuro at Rhinebeck now)

Ooh, I have some similar top from Into the Whirled - nice to see it spun up so beautifully~

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