Two and a half weeks and it's starting to look good
We're cooking in the kitchen (but it's not done yet)

Almost a Kitchen

Last week can be compared to knitting a stockinette sweater for a Sumo wrestler. That sweater where you measure, knit for an hour, measure again and get the same measurement (you knitters know exactly what I mean).  

Of course, it's those slow little things that mean I have walls with no seams, and cupboards that hang straight and those little details that were missing in my old kitchen, so it's all fine.

Day 14 & 15

The wall was extended about 6 inches so the back of the fridge doesn't show.  

Extended wall

It also meant that one of the "extra" little edges Buddy seemed so fond of is gone making for a nicer transition from the dining room to the kitchen.  There used to be a little ledge coming out from that white coloured wall.  Silly.

Wall from dining room side

I also made some decisions about counters and backsplash.  The brown granite was out of stock {sad face} so we chose a black one (which has all kinds of brown and grey tones to it). It goes very nicely with the slate tiles we chose for the backsplash.

Granite and slate

Yesterday stuff started to seriously progress.

Day 16

The molding went up on the cabinets.

Molding on

Some nifty little extra cabinets were installed over the window.  Our contractor just had them made for us.  I like how he adds those extra touches.  He also decided a shaker style trim would look best around the windows and doors.

Nifty window cabinets

Now I want that as all my trim.  We have rather ornate trim and Buddy was afraid of the mitre saw so there's rosette blocks and big corner trim pieces everywhere--so not our style.  But that's another job for another time (or never).

They came up with a solid solution to the chimney area:

Chimney hiding solution

Now you can't even tell it was there AND we have a cupboard!

And our pantry is in.

Giant pantry

Notice the cup and broom for scale? Yes, it's HUGE. It's five feet wide and over 6 feet tall. It will have maple sliding doors which means we can see half of the contents all at once. The shelves are only 12 inches deep which keeps things from getting lost in the back. This cabinet was our idea (inspired by Ikea)--a good solution for a small kitchen.

Today Kenny paints, installs the trim and I'm told the counter might be installed. Last night they worked until 9pm and I believe they're going to do the same today.  I suspect he wants the work done by the long weekend and I'm totally fine with that!


Wow. It looks awesome already and it isn't even finished!


I loooooooove the slate you chose for your backsplash. Is the granite "colorway" (need to use a knitting term here) called Ubatuba? That's what I have in mine. Have you decided on knobs and pulls for your cabinetry? For me, that was the most difficult- to choose a style I liked AND stay within budget.

Your kitchen is going to be stunning!

I am really enjoying your pictures! I prefer the black granite with the backsplash you chose. It really sets it off. Looking forward to the next chapter, but probably not as much as you!

Looking good! Hope your dream kitchen turns out even better than you dreamed for!

The whole article is amazing there are so many things to learn. The designing was perfect and the lightning and flooring suits the given things for making a wonderful kitchen. I liked it very much.

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