One week of kitchen renovations
Almost a Kitchen

Two and a half weeks and it's starting to look good

Things a moving along in the kitchen.  The day-to-day changes are less dramatic than they were and there is more wait time for things like drywall compound to dry and cabinets to arrive, but I'm told we're ahead of schedule so I'm happy.

Here's a recap of the last week and a half.

Day 8 and 9: Drywall

Day 8 Drywall

Day 8 Drywall up

Everything is now closed up and the rebuilding begins.

Day 10: Floor

So far, this has been my favourite day.

Day 10: Bamboo floor

Gorgeous eh? It's bamboo, natural colour, vertical "grain" (can grass have a grain?). It's sturdy, but soft and warm underfoot and is definitely not ugly ceramic tile.

Day 10: new floor meets old

I love it. They did a nice job where it meets with the existing floor and the giant step up is completely eliminated. Kenny left it uncovered so we could enjoy it's beauty all weekend.

Day 11: Plaster and CABINETS!

And our first glitch. Can you see it?

Day 11 Cabinets

Because there's a lot of duct work and funny little jogs in the transition from the kitchen to the dining room, there was a bit of a debate about how big the threshold should be. The cabinets decided for us and Kenny is building out the wall this week. It means some fiddling with the crown moulding in the dining room, but I'm sure you see this has to be done.

So far, this has been the only issue. Really, I can't complain.

Day 11 Bye bye ugly brick

More cabinets. The brick will be completely covered. I love how they built a special cupboard just to hide it.

Day 12: Lower cabinets

Lower cabinets

I even have pot drawers!

Day 12

Apparently there will be little cupboards over the window. I confess we let the contractor decide on a lot of these things and didn't ask a lot of questions. I think we're just happy to have something functional, but I'm loving these extra touches.

Day 13 Day of Rest

The remaining cabinetry isn't ready so today was a day off.

Today I believe my pantry arrives. I also think I hit the point where I'm a bit tired of not having a kitchen. We're at day 17 of that!


I think the best part of those 'special' cabinets around the brick is that you won't have the 'black hole' that that corner space would create if your cabinets actually took up the space the brick does! I have a cabinet in a corner like that and am forever losing stuff because it gets shoved so far back I can't see it!

I don't even know what a pot drawer is! That might mean that I have one but am using it for something completely different (or that I have no such things but I might need them).

Thank you for sharing your endeavor in remodeling your kitchen. It can be very difficult finding the time and money to properly remodel a kitchen, but it looks like you're well on your way to make this remodel amazing. I enjoyed reading that you will be placing brick around the cabinets, the bricks will give a great look. Keep up the great work and best of luck for your future installations.

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