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All the Shades of Crazy

I blame it on the kitchen reno and my completely failed attempt at participating in the Tour de Fleece (it was such a failure I didn't even mention it here or on Twitter)...I'm doing an O-y-p-c project (you know, that big event in London).

I decided to knit All the Shades of Truth because it's beautiful and I had almost enough yarn in my stash to knit it.  Well 3 out of 5 colours; all of which are club yarns from the Smartass Knitters/World Domination one skein club from Indigodragonfly.  I ordered two more colours to round things out, picked them up in person (and had a lovely visit at Indigodragonfly headquarters) and got started a day late.

It's been fun knitting.  I love me a good garter stitch project and 4 out of 5 yarns have cashmere in them...all good.

All the shades

Pretty eh?

On Monday I took stock.  I noticed the Olympics are half over (and I haven't watched anything more than what's on the restaurant tvs) and wondered how much more I had to do.

Oh, that's a lot.

Then the crazy set in.  I got out a calculator, opened my Evernote app and this is what I wrote:

Remaining rows:

Section 2: 30 @ 280sts 8400
Section 3: 78 @ 75 sts 5850
Section 4: 28 @ 319 sts 8932
Section 5: 110 @ 89sts 9790
Section 6: 124 @ 89sts 11036
Edging: 48 @ 431sts 10344
Total rows: 394
Total sts: 54352
6 days: 9108 sts per day
Average sts/row = 138
Finish section 2 plus 10 rows section 3
Finish section 3 plus 13 rows section 4
Finish section 4 plus 49 rows section 5
Finish section 5 plus 41 rows section 6
Finish section 6 plus 4 rows edging
Finish 20 rows edging.  Weave in ends

First off, that's a lot of knitting to do for someone who doesn't have a kitchen and has a job and children (well one is away canoeing in Algonquin Park, but still). 


Second, I must be going insane to have calculated a full plan based on an average row based on calculating all the remaining stitches in the project.
What have I become?

All the shades of crazy

Oh, and as of this morning I'm 46 rows behind. Crap.
Maybe this will also be a Paralympics project. 



Well perhaps that's a tad crazy, but I too like to know where I'm at in a project, so-to-speak. And regardless of how many rows behind you may be, it's looking gorgeous.

That isn't really that crazy. Because my rows are increasing in size I've been doing the same thing only without the math by counting repeats and trying in my heart to ignore the idea that the repeats are getting bigger.

I think in order for it to be a paralympic project, you have to randomly leave out one of the sections. ;)

Are you at least enjoying the knitting?

I did the math on a couple of my unfinished projects. I decided I'm not going to do that any more. It was way to depressing :)

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