The Big Kitchen Reveal
While I was away

No medal, but I have a snazzy new wrap!

Presenting All the Shades of Indigodragonfly (aka All the Shades of Truth)


This was my Olympic project.  I finished it Tuesday, so it was a bit late, but I didn't knit anything else but this wrap since July 28th--it was that much fun.

See here I am having fun knitting on a break at work:


The yarns are all Indigodragonfly.  Three were Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination Club yarns and the remaining two I ordered to fill in the gaps.  All but one had 20% cashmere meaning this is a soft, snuggly wrap.  It already did the trick in an overly air conditioned showing of Paranorman (which you should totally go see--it's great).


I love colourful garter stitch knitting.  It was great fun.  See my Ravelry page for all the colour details etc.  I did fiddle with the colours a bit because I was a bit short on the yardage for a few colours.  I don't think it matters though--that was part of the fun.



I'm going to have to knit this. I've done a ton of garter this summer and apparently I'm simple enough that I still want more. It just offers a wonderful canvas for playing with color!

LOVE it!!!

Oh dear! Your wonderful finish has prompted me to place an order with The Loopy Ewe for yarn and Ravelry for the pattern. Hope mine comes out as lovely as yours! Wear it in the best of health and happiness!!

That deserves a medal. It's lovely! I've had my eye on that pattern, and this may push me over the edge...

It looks great! The colors are all so vibrant and cozy is always a plus!

Wow - love that wrap! Looks terrific.

Love, love, love! You said your yardage was a bit short.....what would you suggest the correct amounts to be using these yarns?

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