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The Big Kitchen Reveal

It's done!  Everything is unpacked!  I made banana bread, granola and dinner last night!

We love it.  What a transformation.  See for yourself:

Sink before and after

sink before and after

No more getting soaked doing the dishes. And now I can look out the window instead of feeling pushed into a teeny corner.

The view from our back door has improved

view from door before and after

No more walking into the stove. There's also more room to get into and out of the kitchen. Man that cooktop was UGLY.  And now the air vent is free and open to keep the room appropriately heated/cooled.

The north wall before and after

north wall before and after

The room is now 10x14 and was 10x12. It's a bit tricky to photograph this part since there's no where to stand. The window, cooktop, portable dishwasher and old pantry have been replaced with the most amazing pantry ever. It hold everything including cookbooks, linens and our beer empties and it's not too deep so nothing can go missing in the back.

The new bamboo floor is fantastic

floor before and after

As is the fact that the floor is now level with the rest of the house. My kids will be pleased that the tripping hazard is gone.

New backsplash

backsplash before and after

I think the photo says it all.

Now the big picture pictures. This is the view from the back door. I only had a little photo from when we first bought the house, but it gives you a good sense of the new layout of the space.  The yellow wall is gone and all the pipes inside were moved.  This made room for the fridge and created a long counter/workspace.

 sink wall before and after

Here's a bigger shot of it finished


And here's the view from the other direction

window before and after

We lost the wall oven, but replacing it with a single unit range with a microwave above created more space and allowed for a second long run of countertop. Three people could easily work in this kitchen now.

It's amazing how important a well thought out floor plan is to a kitchen. We have far more cupboards and counters now without adding much to the room. And the updating is just really beautiful.  Everything is clean and new.  The colours make me happy.  A renovation totally worth doing.


we are closing on a house in Hamilton in a couple of weeks. First job is a kitchen reno. I'm sooo nervous. And excited. And nervous.

I want your kitchen. Mine isn't bad, but it has stupid things like a refrigerator door that only opens all the way because it opens on the opposite side of all the other fridges I've ever used.


Beautiful! Lots of ideas for my eventual kitchen remodel... oh to be rid of the 70's cabinets that don't close properly and stained white laminate countertop (really? white laminate countertops in a kitchen? sigh...)

Gorgeous! It looks like a completely different space. I'm happy for you!

Beautiful! Enjoy!

That looks awesome. I have kitchen envy.

This looks amazing! There is nothing like a new kitchen after working for years in a dog. We did our kitchen over two years ago and I still love being in it. It changed the whole way we live. Enjoy it in all it's glory you have done an amzing job.

I am so glad you have a beautiful window to look off in to the distance whilst having to wash dishes! The entire room looks amazing! I bet it gives you such joy each time you walk in to it. You deserve it!
Thanks for showing us the process! I have never done a renovation as it seems daunting. But the way you captured it all makes it seem, but manageable and rewarding! Now for all of us to knit you posh linen hand towels and bar cloths (what we call scrub rags here)

It's beautiful.

It's an amazing transformation. One tiny warning though, if that's a granite counter be very careful around the sink. I've had mine since December and it's already chipped. I found that very disappointing.

What a transformation! The change in the location of the cooktop really opens up the space so much. Many happy cookings!

Just beautiful!! And I know I didn't have to live through it so my thinking may be skewed, but it didn't seem to take that long... or am I in need of more coffee?

Absolutely gorgeous!

Your new kitchen is fabulous!

Wow--amazing! You guys went in with a plan, and the finished kitchen shows it!

Great, all of it! Really beautiful, and these things change daily life more than one might ever imagine.

Your kitchen is beautiful! We are in the middle of our renovation and it's so nice to see one that is complete :)

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