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Awesome Ahni

My Rhinebeck sweater:

I love it.


The pattern is Ahni from the Fall 2012 Twist Collective.  I knew it was a) the perfect sweater for me--work wearable, a design that flatters my figure, an interesting knit.


And b) it was the perfect pattern for the Indigodragonfly MCS worsted in my stash (that's merino, cashmere, silk...yum).


The colour is Unemployed! In Greenland! (google Princess Bride) and it's gorgeous.  The only snag was with one of the transitions which I mentioned here.  I ripped it back and re-worked the front and now it's perfect.


(Emma and I got a bit silly during the photo shoot)

Added bonus: I got it done by Thanksgiving--almost 2 weeks before Rhinebeck. That gives me time to finish Breakwater in time for Rhinebeck too.


Gorgeous. I love the color. I need more of the Indigo Dragonfly yarn in my stash. It is completely awesome!

It looks fabulous on you!

That is a super excellent sweater, and it suits you SO well. The colour is also, of course, exactly my jam. In case you get sick of it someday, or something. ;)

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that colorway looks great with the pattern texture, well done!

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