NaKniSweMo 2012
NaKniSweMo Fever

Half-Way Point Update

Short version: I'm pretty sure I'm not at the halfway point of my Terai.


Long version: It's pretty.  I'm finished the cabled portion and onto the long march of the rest of the body.  I remember again that I hate top down sweaters.  The V-neck and cables kept me busy but now it's round and round and round and round and zzzzzz knitting.

NaKniSweMo progress

The merino silk lace is AMAZING, at least there's that.


My goal this weekend is to finish the body and do the neckline (I prefer to do the neck before the sleeves so they don't wave around when I pick up the neck stitches).  

Is this a realistic goal?  Probably not.  But NaKnitSweMo is all about DENIAL.


Whatever, it's still an awesome, pretty sweater! Are you using two strands of the lace weight held together?

The sweater looks awesome, and you are getting a terrific fit! I'm not sure that NaKnitSweMo is any more about denial than NaNoWriMo, but I might be saying that because I can finish a sweater in a month way more easily than writing 50K words.

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