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NaKniSweMo Fever

More like NaKniSweMo AND Fever...

Sunday I was on track. One sleeve and the collar were done and the second sleeve was on the needles. That gave me five nights for one measly sleeve. Easy.

Monday I woke up and didn't feel too good. Must just be start of week tired.

By Monday afternoon it was clear that I was sick. Not a little cold, but the flu. Aches, chills, cough, fever, malaise.

Too sick to knit sick.

Stay home from work and sleep and sleep and sleep sick.

Today is the first day where I could pick up the needles. It's going to be close.

I'm pretty wiped out now and don't think I'll knit much more before I fall asleep.

And I'm even too sick to want to try it on.

Back to my sick bed.

Half-Way Point Update

Short version: I'm pretty sure I'm not at the halfway point of my Terai.


Long version: It's pretty.  I'm finished the cabled portion and onto the long march of the rest of the body.  I remember again that I hate top down sweaters.  The V-neck and cables kept me busy but now it's round and round and round and round and zzzzzz knitting.

NaKniSweMo progress

The merino silk lace is AMAZING, at least there's that.


My goal this weekend is to finish the body and do the neckline (I prefer to do the neck before the sleeves so they don't wave around when I pick up the neck stitches).  

Is this a realistic goal?  Probably not.  But NaKnitSweMo is all about DENIAL.

NaKniSweMo 2012

After 2011's successful cardigan in a month, I've decided to do the NaKniSweMo again this year.

The stars all aligned...

Pattern, the gorgeous Terai from Laura Chau's Afternoon Tea Volume Two

Yarn (1/2 from stash even), Indigodragonfly Merino Silk-quel Lace in You know you're doing it right when your mother and Jane Austen would disapprove and Miss Babs Yasmin in Deep Sea Jelly Fish (the pinkish one)


No sweater on the needles

A swatch (I even have photographic proof above)

And go...


As of last night I separated the armholes (no photo, just imagine a slighly bigger blob) and I'm loving the knitting.  Laura's patterns are always great and I needed this sweater the moment I tried to rip it off saw it on her.

The colours are super pretty--grey with all sorts of pinks and warm browns.  Yum.

I can't wait to get to the nifty cables!