NaKniSweMo Fever
Hitting the (Goal) Wall


I finished on time! (except for the ends)


Terai.  I love it.


Perfect Fit (thanks for the fit advice Laura), lovely yarn (Indigodragonfly held with Miss Babs), great pattern.


Things got a bit hairy on the finishing front.  Not only did I have that flu (I'm feeling much better), but then one sleeve wasn't the same length as the other--I suspect my gauge got wonky with the illness.  Then I fixed that and tried the sweater on and didn't like the 3/4 sleeves so I ripped back the cuffs and worked longer sleeves.

Finishing might have stalled my recovery a bit, but I'll catch up on my sleep now that I have this beautiful new sweater.


And the knitting with 2 strands of laceweight--I love it.  It makes a soft, light sweater.  And since I don't like knitting lace, it gives me something to do with the small amount of laceweight in my stash.


It looks fantastic!!!!

It looks terrific. I use laceweight as an add-in in cowls and it makes for much more interesting and organic color.

This looks so good! I love those cables, and the longer sleeves. I've been wanting to knit Terai since Laura released it, and now I think I'll have to. Well, as soon as my Christmas knitting is finished...

Great fit. I love the idea of doubling laceweight for a sweater. Looks wonderful on you.

I love it! It looks great and I am impressed by anyone who can knit a sweater in a month.

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