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Generally I subscribe to the Yarn Harlot's "oh darn" method of sock repair, whereby one holds worn through, thin, hole ridden socks over a waste receptacle, says "oh darn" in a clear voice, and drops the socks in the waste bin. I figure I have lots of sock yarn in the stash and I like knitting socks, and sometimes the holes are just too big to deal with any other way.

Not my Monkey socks. I like them a lot. They fit right and the yarn (Oak Grove) is pretty. I properly darned the toes on these a few times, switched the foot I wore them on to wear out another spot and I even babied them a bit.

This winter when I went to wear them, I noticed another hole in the toe and that there really wasn't much left to darn. I decided to rip out the toe and add a brand new one.

This is relatively easy on a cuff-down sock.

First, snip the yarn below the lowest hole. Grab a dpn and start unravelling the yarn.

I found I sometimes had to unravel a couple of rows because some of the darning yarn was in the lower rows. When I was done I had a little toe cup full of holes off the sock.

Then all you have to do is put the live stitches back on the needles and work a new toe. I used Kate Atherley's method so I don't even have to graft. And, I found a teeny little bit of the original yarn so my toes match.

Now my socks are good as new.



I have a collection of socks, some darnable, but they sit in the WIP basket, awaiting my efforts. The only one to ever get fixed was like yours, a hole in the toe of a top-down pair. Too many knitting projects, too little time!

My son's socks tend to get holes under the ball of the foot, so I end up taking about half the foot off to reknit. Still, easier than knitting a whole new sock!

Nice job! I don't know why you couldn't do toe ups the same way. I will have to keep this in mind the next time I find a hole in the toe of one of my hand knit socks!

This is slightly unrelated, but how do you wash your socks? By the time I need to replace something with a hole in it, its pretty easy to 'oh darn' them, becuase they are looking pretty of worn. They are fuzzy and some of the lighter colored ones are even stained from a darker shoe. Those look like you just finished knitting them. And you've darned them twice! I'm amazed. What's your secret?

That is awesome! If I ever find myself living someplace cold enough to wear the socks I knit, I will definitely reknit toes.

Nice! I just did this (yesterday and today) with a pair of socks for my daughter. No holes in them but her feet have grown and they are now to short. Rather than knitting entirely new socks I ripped back the toe shaping and added some length to the foot and then new toes.

It would pain me a little to toss a pair of handknit socks. Nice work!

I haven't darned any of my socks. When the feet go, a lot of feet go. My heels are super duper rough and hard on most of my hand knit socks. The socks in the best condition are still my Trekkings. That stuff wears like iron!

This is exactly how I feel about my monkeys! Great fit, made in my first score of Wollmeisern in the "Paul" colorway and I love them. Yesterday, I saw the heels were wearing thin. By the time I went to bed, one heel was completely blown out. Don't know if I have original yarn or not, but I'm darning these puppies somewhow!

Ihr Punkt ist valueble für mich. Vielen Dank!

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