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Owls at 14

On January 14th, my baby turned 14.  Champagne birthday.  Full-on teenager. 


She's now taller than me, growing up to be a great person and she's a riot.  

To celebrate she had her two best friends over for movies (Dirty Dancing, Perfect Pitch and Strictly Ballroom), music (from A-ha to Florence & the Machine), boy chat (the cast of The Outsiders and boys in popular culture that I have no idea about) and not-much sleep.

Emma, may your life have lots of moments like these:


Happy Birthday Em!


In a nice coincidence, I also finished the sweater I was making for her in the wee hours before her actual birthday.  It wasn't a surprise, but it was still a nice gift.

It's Owls with some modifications.  Emma wanted a loose sweater so I made the 38" size with no waist shaping.  By request, I also made the extra long cuffs with thumbholes.  It's two colours of Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Tweed chunky because that's what I had in the stash.  I rather like it.


My silly teen-model likes it too:


It still needs to be blocked and Emma decided she wants all the owls to have button eyes. 38 buttons.


Good thing I love her so much.


(and the sweater fits me too!)


That is great about it fitting both of you. If she decides she doesn't want to wear it anymore, then it will be a great fit for you!

14??? oh wow. That seems just crazy!

(I just registered my first for high school today. *sniff*)

When you knit for your daughter now, be sure to pick colors you like, since you are clearly going to end up with the garments!!! ;)

Amazing sweater, kid, and mom. xo

Looks like an awesome birthday, and an awesome sweater! Terrific modifications too!

Happy Fabulous Birthday, Emma. Glad you had a great B'day! The owls look awesome - definitely need eyes - sorry Mom!

She's beautiful and happy and full of energy! Happy birthday, Emma. It's so hard to believe she's 14! xox

Both look awesome! The eyes will be fab.

I literally JUST finished a baby version of this! I was so charmed by the cleverness of the owl cables. They're so much fun!

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