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I Love Garter Stitch

I love garter stitch. I love it's squareness where the row gauge and the stitch gauge are the same. I love the way it looks. I love the ease of knitting and I love the squoosh.

Life is busy right now and garter stitch is just what I need--it's knitting that doesn't ask much of me except my time.

Not one to think small, this time I'm making a blanket. The pattern is called Parcheesi Afghan. It's a bit of log cabin and a bit of striping and a great stash buster. I'm using the leftovers from my Ella coat and odds and ends of similar worsted weight wools from my stash and any donations from knitpals. I'm into my fourth square and I can't stop knitting it.

My only concern is that I don't have enough different colours to really make this blanket pop. I don't really want to buy more full skeins of yarn so ill be hunting around for people's cast offs.

Oh, and that I'll get so engrossed with all this garter stitch that I won't knit anything else.



I treated myself to a new project bag.

Meet Ethel.  
















She's a robot with a sparkly gold dress and killer glasses.  Just large enough to hold a sock-in-progress.  When I see her hanging out in my purse she makes me smile.Esther Robot Pouch

Made by Robot A Day, Ethel is a one of a kind sassy pouch.  There are so many other great robots--animals, zombies, smart-asses--they're silly fun.

See all the robots here on Etsy.  I can't go look or I'll get another one.