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Doing it all (fibre-fun edition)

There aren't a lot of weekends where I get to do it all.

I just about always knit:


That's the second sleeve of my Tangled Yoke Cardi in Bugga (Lubber Grasshopper).

A few weeks ago I literally washed the dust off poor Martha Matchless and resumed spinning up some superwash merino destined to be 3 ply sock yarn.

This is the last 3rd of the batt


And, I found time to warp the loom.  Here's a peek.  This warp is so nifty it deserves it's own post.


And we were dog sitting Ruby.  Who got lonely and wanted to be right on me while I wove.  She wasn't even very upset about all the movement, she just kept muscling her way back in.


I didn't get much accomplished on any of these things, but I got to do them ALL so it was a great weekend.


Very nice. I have a bit of weaving on my loom, which I have carefully placed on my craft desk. Maybe I'll be able to finish it off soon. My edges on this round weren't quite as nice as I'd like. Any tips for keeping the selvedges all nice and even?

Love the sweater you're wearing! Is it something you designed?

so, Ruby is pretty freaking adorable! I didn't know you did dog sitting :)

I have to say that Ruby is gorgeous! She has really grown up since she was a tiny 8-week old puppy!

That sounds like a good weekend to me!

It looks like you had an awesome fiber-filled weekend! And dog-sitting...just tops it off. To answer Sidney's question, I think you're wearing Space Girl. I recognize the 'V'.

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