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Parcheesi Afghan and the rapidly disappearing stash

I'm cooking along nicely on my Parcheesi afghan which is good because it's a gift with a deadline.

I'm concerned about my yarn stores for this one though. I don't think I have enough colour diversity left for the striped sections so I'm taking a tactical approach.

Here's what I have done as of last night:


I've knit the centre strip using the colours I have, which includes some tiny bits where I have enough to use it on a stripe once or twice.  Now I will do the inside striped bits because I believe I have enough to maintain some colour variety.

I'm pretty sure I will be down to 6 colours once I get to the outside section, all of which I've used in the big squares and in the striped sections: yellow, orange, dark brown, natural, dark natural and navy (the colours in the top left square plus navy and natural e.g. the bottom right square).

I should have enough of the red to do all the squares so I can maintain that aspect of the pattern (which is something I really like) but I need to decide what to do with the outer border.

Option one is to buy a few colours of Cascade 220 which creates leftovers, but allows me to add in a few different colours.  Considering I will need about 50m tops of each colour, it seems a bit silly. 

Option two is to buy 2 skeins of one colour and do the outside sections in just that.  I like this idea because it's easier to knit and it really worked out nicely in this Parcheesi .

The issue is what colour to choose?  It would have to be something not used in the blanket already. (I have enough cream colour but would need to change the border on one of my squares and I don't think I have enough of any colours to do that.)

I was considering something like deep burgundy which is the main colour of my Ella coat. (I used this swatch in the blanket!)

Or teal blue similar to this (but not a handpaint) from my Ahni sweater and used up in this blanket.


But they both seem pretty dark. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.

I'm also thinking a yellow-green like the one in some of my squares could work. Or a darker natural colour which would mute things a bit.

Any suggestions?

My plan is to knit the rest of the stripes, sew it up and take it to the yarn shop.  But having a good sense of what colours to look for would make me stop obsessing about this!


It looks really good so far. I don't have any good suggestions for your blanket. It's not a color palette I work in very often, so I have a hard time imagining what another color would look like mixed in.

This is a gift??? Wow, someone in your life is awfully lucky!! :)
What about repeating the color that is in the centre of each of the square blocks? It would tie it together (if you were able to buy more of that color), although it would make it bright. If bright is ok, you could also go with almost any blue... I see you are considering teal; I think a sea blue would work well too. If you wanted to be dramatic, you could use black or a very dark brown. These colors would 'frame' the blanket.
Can't wait to see what you choose!

Completely off topic, but I love the (bumble?)bee shaped tape measure! I *heart* bumbles.

You are very good with colour so not sure any suggestions from me would be helpful, but I always like black and white - checks, stripes, you name it. Or maybe black and a green like Rowan's jelly colour even though you have something similar in the one square. It will undoubtedly look really great!

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