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Border Ideas, I need them...

I am one short seam and a few ends away from finishing my Parcheesi afghan!

I think it needs a border. Mostly because some of the garter edges seem to be flaring out and a border will squish them in a bit.

Ideas so far:
1. Icord--I love the look, but that's a lot of icord
2. Log cabin the edges--easy, the bind offs will keep it tidy, but might be too much.
3. Crochet--that might be too little and look odd with all the garter stitch
4. Pick up stitches all the way around, then bind off.


Any other suggestions?


I have enough yarn to do either a red border or a teal one.  Since the squares are red I think I'll use that yarn.  I love how this Parcheesi was done but I can't tell how the knitter did the border.  I already borrowed the one colour outer edge idea so I think doing the border in red will work.  


It looks like your first thought was right -- the project you linked was an i-cord border...

I think your project is beautiful and that a red border would tie it all together!

Yes, it would be a lot of icord. But, gosh, it would look really good. :-D

Do you think blocking might fix the problem? Otherwise, the crochet stitch called a crab stitch or even a single crochet might do the job. I use the single crochet but my LYS owner likes the crab stitch. I also like the way a single crochet followed by a row of double crochet looks. But you do sometimes have to watch for the same kind of flaring, and periodically skip a few stitches here and there. Of course taking out a few crochet stitches is so much easier than if the border was knitted.

I-cord goes surprisingly fast. The afghan looks great!

A vote for log cabin. It looks neat and you can always stick a stripe in if it gets too boring!

Voting for I-cord (and you don't have to do it all at once! Nice thing about I-cord is you can put it down/pick it up any time.) I think red will look great.

I'd rather do an attached icord than pick up and bind off all of those stitches. It feels to me that the icord might be as slow as the other methods, but has the advantage of tons of visible progress.

I vote for i-chord even though it is a lot. I think it would look very fine. Best of luck!

Also voting for i-cord. You won't be sorry once it is done!

Yup. I-cord. Definitely.
... Sorry.

I-cord made with one of those little hand-crank i-cord makers and sewn on?

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