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ATV Adventure

File under: stuff I a) didn't expect to do and b) didn't expect to like.

Yesterday I drove a big ATV four wheeler 75km on the roads and trails around Tweed.

We are visiting the cottage and my father in law thought it would be fun for us to join a group doing an organized drive (ride?). We all met at Trudeau Park at 10am and went in two groups on a pre-set course with some pretty fun, bumpy, muddy off road trails. There were about 35 vehicles, many with passengers and it was far more fun than I expected.

I am not generally of the motorized "sports" persuasion and as I drove the trails I did think they would be fun to run or mountain bike, but I can see why people think this is a good time. Oh, and the kilometre we drove where the trail was actually flooded over the axels of my vehicle would not be fun on a bike does show the utility of these machines.

We let Emma drive a bit in the muddy field. She liked it a whole lot.

I only have two complaints: this group stopped too often and some of them drove too slow. Once I got used to driving my machine--something I haven't done in about 30 years when ATV's had three wheels and I rode with no training or helmet--I wanted more bumpy trails!

I also wanted to stop and take photos of the sheep and alpaca grazing in a farmer's field and the trilliums lining the paths and all that water and mud. So maybe I'll plan a family only ride next time we're up here.

Something less than 75km though. I was totally spent when we finished around 4 that afternoon. It's actually a physically demanding thing riding around all day in the sun and mud.


To Martha and Sarosh

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to attend your wedding.  The ceremony was loving and thoughtful. 


It was clear to everyone that you are a loving couple who will enjoy life together with humour and thoughtfulness.  

The reception was fun--I learned to Bhangra, I was apparently the best dressed at my table (or the most daring since I had to Gangnam Style--very sneaky of you).  And the food was delicious (I was sad that the server took my naan--I was slowly savouring it).

I love that you both hugged everyone in the reception line.  Sarosh had never even met Craig but was clearly so happy that everyone came to your celebration.  

I hope you enjoy my gift to you.  I confess it is a bit of a selfish gift.  I *really* like making blankets and your wedding was an excellent reason for me to knit another one.  It wasn't hard to let it go (even though the kids wanted to keep it) because it was always intended for you.  

I wished I had been more organized and got the gang together to make this.  But you didn't leave us much time with your speedy engagement (which I totally admire and respect).  Instead there are yarn contributions from Keri W, Keri C, Kathleen, Tonya, Kim and Lettuce Knit.

May it keep you warm in a lifetime of snuggles.