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Tangle Yoke is Done (and I forgot to write about it)

There's nothing quite like finishing a sweater.  The happiness of having a new knitted piece.  The sense of accomplishment, the fact that you get to cast on a bunch of new projects to celebrate.  And you get to wear your new sweater, take in all the compliments and say "I made this".  It's great.

Finishing a sweater when it's a hot week in May does dull the enthusiam a bit.

I wore my Tangled Yoke without buttons or blocking the day after I finished it because it looked like it would be cool out and the rest of the week was going to be too warm.  

The heat was still on in our office and I was baking.

A few weeks later I bought the buttons.

A bit after that I sewed them on (I did wear it again to a knitter party because that's what knitters do).

Then I sewed on the buttons and posed for these photos.

Tangled Yoke

Then I washed it (it was a hot photo shoot).  Now it is going into my cedar chest until cooler weather comes around.

Tangled Yoke

I actually crave some hot summer days.  But did wish I could have worn my Tangled Yoke a few times.  Ah well, it'll still feel new in the Fall.

I really do love this sweater.  I got the fit just right.  The Bugga is fabulous at this slightly looser gauge (6sts to the inch) and is super soft after a wash and run through the dryer.

The knitting itself was a bit boring at times (I really hate knitting sleeves in the round for some reason) but the yoke was fun.  And the pattern was perfectly detailed and accurate.

I also love the colour.  When I had red hair I couldn't wear these rich colours because I looked too pale and washed out.  Now in my dark blonde look I can totally wear this red/purple combo.

Tangled Yoke