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All Hail Garter Stitch

Once again, I fall in love with a beautiful garter stitch pattern.

Last year it was All the Shades of Truth, a wrap I loved knitting and love wearing (in my icy cold office).

This year it's Eden Prairie.

I enabled assisted my pal Keri with her Eden Prairie yarn selections at the Spring Knitter's Frolic and while I watched hers knit up so beautifully, I realized I have to make one too.

Conveniently, I was visiting the dying team extraordinaire at Indigodragonfly headquarters and put together a fantastic selection of colours.

I started last week and am ready to quit my job and work on this full time.  I love every colourful garter stitch moment of it.


Green: Where's the regenerate switch on this convertable?

Blue: Canoe up to the beer store

Purple: Sargasm (yes, one of the best colourway names ever)

Dark green/black: Is She All Green And Fuzzy And Mossy?


(Night shot, first photo is much more accurate for colour).

You only knit with one colour at a time and it's all garter stitch.  Swoon.





Great pattern choice! I find nothing as relaxing as the knit stitch, over and over.


Love the way the pieces connect!

That is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to its finished debut (and still need to knit All the Shades for myself).

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