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Epic Roadtrip Day Five: Charlottetown

The weather forecast called for rain and cooler temperatures, so we decided to do some indoor touristy stuff. Charlottetown seemed to be the place to go.

First stop was Cow's Creamery for some silly t-shirts and to see how they make their ice cream. Turns out they make their tees on site (they're the largest t-shirt press east of Montreal) and also make cheese and butter as well as ice cream.

There were some good shirts including Fifty Shades of Hay and this one:

The kids picked Moocraft and Dr. Moo. I should have got the Milking Dead (Grains, Grains!).

After an amazing ice cream in a waffle cone (I had Messie Bessie), we were off for some adult confections at the Prince Edward Island Brewing Company.

We did a tour of the brewery and then it was time for some sampling.

They make some fine beers. The Gahan Blueberry was really good.

Then we explored the old part of Charlottetown and did a quick tour of the provincial legislature (3rd one in 4 days).

The room where they meet is tiny!

After a chat with Sir John A, it was time to go back to Summerside.





Great shirt! As a longtime Anne of Green Gables fan, I've always wanted to go to PEI.

Hi Steph, haven't been reading the last couple of days - just realized you passed through Fredericton on your way to fantastic Old Quebec and PEI - 2 of our favourite places! I am no stranger to Montreal traffic - it is home but now living in Fredericton. Wish I had known you were in town - we could have gone for dinner and a look about together. Tiny is an understatement! There is definitely not much here at all. The Saint John River is really nice. Born in and spent most of my life in Montreal suburbs and know Toronto well (family). If you are still in Charlottetown, go to City Hall or Founders Hall and get the guide/leaflet for Eckhart the Mouse. Hint: Read the leaflet before leaving Founders Hall or City Hall for obvious reasons. It is fun. There are/were 9 mice around town - bronze, I think! Now 8, as the Bishop did not want him nearby and not sure what they did with him. At least I got the chance to see him. Hope you are still in PEI as it is a fantastic place. We love it.

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