Epic Roadtrip Day Eight: An Extra Day
Epic Roadtrip Day Ten: Peggy's Cove

Epic Roadtrip Day Nine: Nova Scotia

Time to leave PEI and see some more of the Maritimes. We were mean parents and made the kids get up really early so we could catch the ferry to Nova Scotia. We thought it would be fun to get to the Island by bridge but leave by boat even though the ferry takes a bit longer. I haven't been on a ferry to anywhere since I was ten years old (and it was the ferry to Manitoulin Island).

The Woods Island ferry area gave us a chance to see a few more things. It's the southern most tip of PEI.

The ferry ride itself was neat. Not much to see but I liked being out on the ocean. I think the kids were more impressed with the Ms Pacman and Galaga games on the boat. Must be original ones from the eighties--they still only cost a quarter.

Instead of driving straight to Halifax, we drove through the middle of the province on a windy highway to the ocean so we could see the little places along the coast. That was a great idea. The landscape is so different from PEI. Everything was rugged and forested. Craig scoped out a beach for us so we could put our feet in the ocean; it was the big find of the trip.

Clam Harbour Beach. It was super foggy and eerie and when we parked the car we could hear something...it was the surf. It was noisy. We walked to the beach and it was made of epic awesomeness. Soft white sand (turns out the National Sandcastle Competition was held there two weeks before), clear cold water and huge crashing waves. The fog made everything seem ethereal--you couldn't see more than a few feet in any direction.

The waves were amazing. Even though no one had swimsuits on, we all ended up in the waves trying to keep dry. When that failed the kids (and Craig) stripped down to their underwear and went body surfing in the waves. The water was freezing. I decided to stay sort of dry and watched them swim and crash and have a great time. This is one of those remember it forever afternoons. Fantastic.

When Xander started to look like he was going to turn blue, we got everyone out of the water and got changed. The air was so heavy with fog that we were totally damp even when "dry". I tried to knit for a bit on the beach and yarn just stuck to my fingers.

It was still an hour to our hotel in Halifax and the fog cleared less than 15 minutes from the beach. I wonder if it's always foggy out there. It was amazing.

The night was spent together at the hotel. There was Much bragging about wave surfing and some pretty tired swimmers.



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