Epic Roadtrip Day Nine: Nova Scotia
Day Eleven: Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy

Epic Roadtrip Day Ten: Peggy's Cove

I remember my first and only visit to Peggy's Cove in 1994. It was late spring and it was quiet and serene.

Emma said it looks like the swamp before Mordor. Yep.

Turns out that while it remains a beautiful place, it's a busy place in late August. And we came early.

It is amazing. All those rocks being pushed by glaciers into this craggy shore.

The fog giving it this gloomy cool feel. The waves crashing scarily on the rocks--a dangerous place.

It was fun to boulder along, inspect the rocks and sea. I even saw a seal in the water.

And it's so different from anywhere we saw this vacation.

We explored the village a bit.

Then we headed back to Halifax for a super-short visit. A proper tour of Nova Scotia is another vacation.

Our visit to the fourth provincial capital would not be complete without a tour of the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Emma tries being the angry politician.

I loved the little library.

The chamber is bigger than PEI's!

We had time for a quick walk on the tourist trap pier (which I'm sure has another name) where I sampled another lobster roll and Emma confirmed that poutine is a life sustaining food.

We had a hotel booked in Moncton so back in the car for us. It is a shorter drive so I got it in my head that we should do something along the way. We were right at the end of the Bay of Fundy and the timing was just about right so we drove to the end of Tidal Bore Road outside of Truro and waited.

And waited.

This is a time when knitting is a very good thing.

Turns out that this tidal bore thing isn't all that exciting. But watching the water current change direction as the river filled in was pretty interesting. At least for Craig and I.

What it looked like as we left:

The evening capped off nicely with dinner at a local brew-pub--Pump House Brewery. They made a good stone oven pizza and we sampled the local New Brunswick offerings. The car was too jammed to bring any home though.


Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying reading and seeing pictures of your travels. I have never been to any of these places, but now I want to go! I really love the foggy ocean pictures; I used to live near the ocean and miss it a lot. You can't beat a foggy morning by the water listening to the surf. Thanks for posting these and taking us along on your trip.

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