Epic Roadtrip Day Ten: Peggy's Cove
Epic Roadtrip Day Twelve: The Long Drive

Day Eleven: Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy

I had every intention of getting out of bed early and getting the day started, but the bed in the hotel had the whitest, smoothest sheets, and it was cozy and warm and Craig dropped a Globe and Mail beside me and told me he was off to scavenge breakfast for us...so I stayed and bed and read the paper. It was gloriously vacationy.

He returned with strong coffee, croissants, strawberries, orange juice and dark chocolate toblerone.

I love him.

Then we all took a swim in the pool, had a steam (it was like a warm Clam Harbour--without the awesome waves) and got ready for the last big adventure of our trip.

I had no real knowledge of the tides at the Bay of Fundy or the Hopewell Rocks until I started thinking about this trip and then it became something I needed to see. The underwhelming tidal bore the night before also made me want to see the "real thing" and so off we went.

Hopewell Rocks-Bay of Fundy. #epicroadtrip 

By the time we arrived, the tide was out and we could walk on the ocean floor.  The way the rocks have morphed with the types was spectacular.  I loved it.


I took a majillion photos with Emma's DSLR, but haven't gotten to those yet.  You'll have to enjoy my Iphone photography instead.



It was quite rainy and cold so it took us a while to get into the spirit of wandering, but the weather improved and we just hung out in nature.


The green stuff is some kind of seaweed.  It was everywhere.  It was sorta nifty.


We spent a bit of time to watch the tide come in--it's both fast and slow.  Apparently it rises 6 inches an hour which is fast, but not when you're obsessively watching it.

Then it was time to start towards home.  No one wanted to do the journey, but it was time and we were all a bit ready.  After an easy drive to Edmundston, we had a hurried dinner (poor staff were so nice to serve us at almost 10) and a great sleep.

One little extra revelation: Booking a hotel on my Ipad powered by the personal hotspot on my Iphone using travel points rocks!



Chocolate for breakfast? I kind of love Craig too.

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