Epic Roadtrip Day Thirteen: Purgatory
Super-Secret-Spy-Sweater is Stupendous!

Epic Roadtrip Day Fourteen: Home

It's a short and uneventful drive.  The only thing epic about today is the laundry.

We bid a last goodbye to summer at Lake Stocco and now reality starts creeping in.

Last look of summer. Going home. #epicroadtrip

I'm a metrics girl so here's the numbers (I should do up an inforgraphic!)

4700km driven--Canada is frickin' big.

We slept in eight places: 

  1. Quebec City, 
  2. Fredericton, 
  3. Summerside, 
  4. Charlottetown, 
  5. Halifax, 
  6. Moncton, 
  7. Edmundston, 
  8. Tweed

We saw four provincial legislatures.

We ate far too many French fries but not enough seafood.

Best place visited: I vote for North Rustico, Clam Harbour also rates high.

Where we'll return to: Need to do a proper vacation in Nova Scotia.  I've never been to Cape Breton.  I could totally go to Quebec City again.  A week on the ocean in PEI would also be perfect.

What I learned: I was really nervous about being the only driver for this trip (long unblogable story--but everything was resolved by Halifax) so I am super proud of myself for deciding not to cancel the trip and push myself.  I drove over 3500km!  I am awesome.

My family is fantastic. We travel together well.  We have fun and Emma and Alexander get along really well, even for teenagers. We crammed ourselves into our tiny Jetta and we had a great time. The kids were away for most of the summer and it was great to end it all together exploring part of our country.

At North Rustico beach

We're already plotting next year's trip.  I think we'll go West.


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