Epic Roadtrip Day Twelve: The Long Drive
Epic Roadtrip Day Fourteen: Home

Epic Roadtrip Day Thirteen: Purgatory

No one wants to do anything.  

Instead, we all sit around and enjoy the fact that we're not moving.  

I knit a ton on my Eden Prairie.  I might even finish it for the Accessoregatta deadline (here it is at Peggy's Cove, I now have the last green stripe finished).


We all nap.  The kids check in on their Little Free Library.  

Little Library

We eat delicious ribs.  Grampy makes the best ribs.

We relax but everyone is anxious to be home.


Thanks for the vicarious vacation in your beautiful country. I love that you take your children to see such beauty and history, and try those great regional foods - and that they enjoy it all too. Your knitting just finishes it all off nicely.
Northern California

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