Day Eleven: Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy
Epic Roadtrip Day Thirteen: Purgatory

Epic Roadtrip Day Twelve: The Long Drive

This is the part where road trips get rather uneventful...

We woke up, showered, packed, checked out and drove.

We crossed into Quebec (forgot how close Edmundston is to the border).

We charted a route that gave us a wide berth around Montreal.  It is the Friday before the long weekend, and I'm not going anywhere near that traffic/chaos den.

We were successful.  We hit some traffic due to construction, but nothing as bad as on the way there.

We drive more.

We cross into Ontario.

We drive.

We arrive in Tweed eleven hours later.  Time for a quick visit with family so the kids can visit their grampy.

While this was pretty boring to read, it was mighty boring to experience.  Next road trip I plan a route home with some stops along the way (or maybe I continue on my less planning is more fun roadtrip experience!)

So close to home, but not quite there yet.


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