Worst Rhinebeck Post Ever


We won the 2013 Women's Ballhockey Championship!

Winner cup

I've been playing for 4 1/2 years and I've never won.  This was my best season ever in terms of my own play (I even had an assist on the first of our two goals last night) and because I played with a fabulous team of fun, skilled and easy-going women.  


We scored the first goal and our opponents tied it up in the second half.  We went to overtime and the best comment: "You know what's awesome about overtime? We get to play 10 more minutes of ballhockey!"

Those post-hockey beers tasted great.  Thanks for a great season Team White and to everyone at WPBHL.


HOORAY FOR VICTORY! I play rec league sports in the spring and fall and have an awesome time doing it; winning is the icing on the cake! Congrats on the personal best season, also!

You go!

Woo hoo! Congrats on the win and on what sounds like a great season!

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