Worst Rhinebeck Post Ever
Cozy Cowls


Finished.  With almost no yarn to spare (I even dipped into my swatch), on time for Rhinebeck.


It is fantastic.  The fit is good, though I confess I would like it a bit looser (maybe Maxfield 2?) and the overall look is super.  


If you look really closely at the middle of the collar you can see where I cheated a bit to save on the blue yarn.  Instead of working two rows of each colour, I worked four of the varigated for about 6 stripes.  I can't see it and I bet you didn't notice in the colourful trippy haze.  Buy a bit extra if you make this sweater (or really any sweater).

The yarn, Indigodragonfly Polwarth Silk is divine.  I love this stuff.  It's so soft after washing.  The colours are perfect: Kathleen Turner Overdrive (navy) and Paging Dr. Smartass (which is a colourway named for me).  


This pattern using varigated yarns perfectly.  I even got to show it to Amy Christoffers at Rhinebeck (though I was too silly to remember to take a photo).

All the details are on my Ravelry page.  


That sweater is gorgeous! I can only imagine how drapey and squishy it is made of the Polwarth Silk, too.

The sweater is beautiful and looks great on you! The yarn sounds incredibly yummy.
Don't you hate it when you miss a great photo?

This pattern is WAY cool! I'm adding this to my must knit list immediately!

Love it! Good thinking on the yarn conservation--I totally can't tell where the extra rows are!

Wow, I love it! Looks great on you, super pattern, love your colour choices. Going on my list.

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