Cowl Mania

Cozy Cowls

Is it a bad thing that all I want to do is knit cowls?

Neckwarmers that hug you tight and keep you warm?


(Duelling Diamonds of DEATH! neckwarmer in Indigodragonfly MCN Sport)

Infinity scarves with pretty patterns?


(Triune in Fiber Optics Gradient handspun--my handspun!--Merino Silk)

Totally makes sense to me.  It's November.  It's often chilly in the morning and I need to fill in the gaps on my outerwear for my bike into work. 

Cowls look nice and tidy as a jaunty accessory.  They're that perfect extra layer for a cold house or office.

And they're the perfect, not too complicated knitting for a person like me who has been hit by the busy season at work and at home and who doesn't have much horsepower in the old brain in the evening.

Next up...super chunky seed stitch cowl.  I bought some fabulous soft grey Mirasol Ushya yesterday at the Purple Purl.  

Size 10mm needles and cozy knitting.  

Bring it on. 


I am completely on this Knit All the Cowls! bandwagon with you. I pull them up over my face and my boyfriend says I'm like an adorable assassin. Little does he know that that's how all knitters look during the winter.

I'm all about the cowls! I hate scarves but LOVE my cowls!

I love cowls. They don't fall off or get caught in things the way a scarf can, and they often aren't quite so large either.

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