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2013: It was good

I don't think I'm a very introspective person. I don't tend to look back on the year that has gone by on December 31st and assess if it was good or bad. Time passes, lots happens and while I don't doubt that some years can be very good and others might be very bad, I tend to think in smaller chunks of time. Maybe it's because nothing has been bad enough to ruin a whole year and that makes me quite lucky indeed.

(Shadow selfie December 31, 2013)


But since it is December 31st and I decided to take a moment to blog, I can say, 2013 was good.

Off the top of my head there was the Epic Road Trip, my Ballhockey team winning the cup, another fabulous Rhinebeck weekend, a few good running races (but not enough running which is entirely my fault), lots of pretty knitting, my kids continue to be healthy, successful and awesome, I'm still in love with the same guy after 25 years (19 married) and besides the "am I already so old as to need bifocals", I'm pretty healthy, successful and awesome too.

The one things I forgot to do this year was call out the fact that And She Knits Too turned 10 this November.

A decade of blogging. I never expected to still put words on the Internet and have people read them after ten years. Thanks for that. If you put up with me on Twitter or Instagram, thanks for that too.

I plan to keep writing this blog in 2014 and hope to do a better job of posting next year. Along with the classic resolutions of a) get more sleep and b) exercise more, that should put me in league with the resolutions of 95% of the Internet. But like I said, I'm not very introspective and so I haven't given it much thought (except the exercise thing...I feel like a complete lump and need to move around).

Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2013 was good for you and that 2014 is full of ______________ (insert desires here).


Cowl Mania

Cowl mania continues here at And She Knits Too.

First a fantastic chunky, seed stitch, twisted, soft one in Mirasol Ushya.

I linked to a pattern but modified it to suit my yarn. Details here.

I made this for the charity auction at work and really didn't want to give it away. I love this yarn. It's chunky without being heavy and it's so snugly in a cowl. The whole thing only took a few hours to knit so I plan to make a few more over the holiday break.

Then a handspun one.

Not much to say about this. I took some really old bulky, slightly ropes merino handspun and knit in 3x2 ribbing in the round. Actually after messing up the twisted cast on a bunch of times in the grey cowl above, I freakin accidentally twisted this one! It worked fine and is a nice enough neck warmer. I just never liked how the yarn turned out. The colours looked muddy. It is definitely better knit up than sitting in the stash.

I'm trying another cowl with handspun but haven't found the right pattern for the yarn. Not sure why since it's a single colour, but it's also a bit ropey so I need something that will help it be squooshy rather than emphasize the texture. No pictures yet. This is the yarn.

Then I got fancy. I found this beautiful pattern--Kildrummy and tossed the stash for something that would work. The Debbie Bliss chunky tweed is the wrong weight and I didn't have enough of it (took me 3 tries to get a stitch count that would work with the little amount of yarn I had) but I made it work.

I will be making a double length one of these in the future. I love how it turned out and it was lots of fun to knit.

This weekend I went back to knitting other things like a hat for my brother, a sweater I'm working on and knee socks but I keep thinking of working on another cowl. Must be because it's cold out.

I might need another chest of drawers to hold all this stuff though!