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2013: Crafty Round Up

I love Ravelry.  Not only does it keep me organized but it gives me data.  I love data. 

For example: I have a lot of yarn.  56,268 meters worth.  That doesn't include yarn being used in WIPs because Ravelry knows that it's spoken for (at least for the moment, I have a few WIPs that need reconsideration).

Do I have less yarn than last year? Not sure.  I think the spreadsheet with that information is on my work computer so I'll have to check when I'm back next week. (By the way, two weeks off at Christmas is amazing...by far the best benefit of my job).

I do strive for stash equilibrium whereby I knit as much as I purchase or spin and therefore don't make more stash.  I'm pretty sure I'm close to last year's number and not near the over 60km I've had in the past, so that's something.

As for what I did accomplish knitting/weaving/spinning wise...it was a fine year.

Screen shot 2014-01-01 at 6.02.07 PM

5 sweaters

3 scarves/shawls

3 hats (one that never made it to Ravelry)

6 cowls

1 pair armwarmers

1 pair of knee socks

1 amazing blanket

I even managed to spin some yarn (but not very much!)

I don't generally set crafty goals because I want to use that time freely and work on what strikes me as fun, motivating, challenging, easy or whatever it is that I need from my fibre pursuits.  Everyone in the family needs socks so I will try to work on some plain ones so no one's feet are cold and I could really use a new hat, but otherwise, I'll keep working on things that please me at the time.  It's a luxury to have the time and resources to have something like that in my life and I'm not going to mess with it.

I bet some of you have knitting goals.  I always like to hear them if you want to share.



I haven't knit much this past year. A few shawls & a couple pairs of socks. But I did get some WIPs out of the way. This year I'd like to complete at least 2 sweaters & more socks & I'd like to do it almost exclusively from stash (not a problem for the socks).

Great progress! Using knitmeter.com helps me keep track of how much I use up (both yarn and fiber). My goal is to always put out more than I take in!

I will be posting about goals sometime this week, but my main knitting goal is to knit from my stash!

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