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Custom Fit: My first custom sweater

Pssst, have you heard about Custom Fit?  

I just finished my first custom sweater and it's pretty fantastic.

While I haven't said anything about actually knitting this sweater, it's mostly because from a knitting perspective that makes this remotely interesting.  But now that it's done,  I thought I should give a quick review of custom fit by Amy Herzog because this sweater is a perfect fit!

Custom Fit is the brainchild of Amy Herzog.  She's built a website with a "method" whereby you get a sweater pattern that fits both your measurements and your swatch.
She has a number of plain recipes and some of her designs now have custom fit recipes where you input certain things like sleeve length and neckline and ease to generate the pattern for you.  Then you get the pattern embellishments like cables to add in as needed.
The two things you have to do to start a custom fit is a) get someone to measure you in a lot of places (we had a measuring party at Rhinebeck) and b) swatch a big piece for each sweater.
You join the website (free) and add your measurements and your swatch (your measurements are stored and you add a swatch for each project).  Then you let the site take you through the process of generating a pattern built for your body and your gauge.  There are lots of instructional videos to explain things and the interface is simple to use.
The nice part is that it will make a pattern in any gauge.  Even if one of Amy's designs is in dk and you want fingering, her elves do all the work.  Sure I could do the math, but I'm happier to have it done for me!  
With all that, you input some things on the site and it generates a pattern for you.  It's $10 for the pattern and an additional $2.50 for the recipe if it's from one of her designs.  That might seem like a lot, but you're getting a pattern written specifically for your measurements for $10.  And if you want the specs to add her pattern beauty to your custom fit, it's $2.50.  A made-to-measure pattern in your gauge with her design flare for less than a 3-D movie.
Based on what I read in the Ravelry forums, and in talking to my knitpals who are over the moon happy with custom fit (I link to their testimonials below), I decided to start with something simple to see how the whole process works.  And I like knitting stockinette sweaters.  
I swatched my Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein! worsted and asked for a simple vee neck.  The pattern gave me the sleeve length I wanted, with the hem hitting me exactly where I like it and shoulders that fit.  It was also knit to the gauge of the swatch I made.  It's perfect.  
I will confess I don't have a complicated figure compared to many women (there was only 2 waist decreases and 1 increase) but I hate swatching to someone else's gauge so I LOVE that feature.
My pals Keri and Kim however have more complicated shapes and both of them are converts to this system.  They're making beautiful sweaters that fit them perfectly.  
There's a Ravelry forum:
And here's Keri's testimonial: (she is rather busty and has never had a sweater that fit well until now).  
And Kim is a freakin' knitting machine!  She's cranking out a wardrobe of beautiful sweaters.
Pretty nifty eh?  Check it out.  I'm already plotting my next one.



Wow. I've been struggling and struggling with math. I'm working on my second sweater that I'm trying to custom fit. It's coming out well--but I'm working using a pencil and paper and have made LOTS of math mistakes. I'll have to try this program. Thanks for recommending. Your sweater looks great.

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