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Two Weeks and Back Again

One of the great things about my job is my employer's committment to developing a family-friendly workplace.  They've moved away from the term work-life balance because its difficult to define and somewhat personal, but it's still something they value.  Not everyone is personnally good at finding that balance, but my university has a lot of structures in place which tell me they acknowledge that I have a life outside of work and I should have time to spend doing other things that I love, with whomever I define as my family.

Shutting down for two weeks around the Christmas holiday is one manifestation of that commitment.  Two full weeks off, with pay... and it was fantastic.  A bit of Christmas stuff and a whole lot of lazy time.  I knit, I spun, I watched a lot of Damages on Netflix, saw some movies at home and in the theatre, slept late, cooked, even cleaned and I hung out with my family who also took advantage of the time off and relaxed. We spent more days in our pyjamas than in clothes.  It was perfect.

It's a privilege to have such leisurely time, and I also think it's important to just hang out sometimes since our usual life pattern is to be on the go--work, school, activities, homework, housework, obligations etc. I was happy not to get through my super ambitious Winter Break To Do List in favour of just letting the days take me where I wanted them to go. I was almost ready to go back to work this morning now that I'm rested and feeling good.

Except for the getting up part.  Early mornings are early.  And it's cold out.  The whole family successfully got back into the groove of everyday life.  But we're still kinda wishing for a snow-day.


I am not going to lie, I am soooo jealous you had time to do things!! I am still obligated to run around visiting people. There were perhaps one or two days where I wasn't required to drive all over the place!
One day though..... one day!

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