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Maybe I should just give up knitting (not really)

Reality Bites

I have to face facts. I'm not going to have enough of my special over dyed cork to make Oshima. The yarn was specially over dyed so there is no more. I've been hoarding it because I love Cork and the colour is so fabulous.

Finding this out earlier (or rather, getting past my denial earlier) would have been nice since I have the sleeves done and am almost at the neck shaping on the body.

Instead of abandoning it completely I'm thinking I could make a plainer sweater. I love the brioche stitch but find it too stiff with the Cork at this gauge and it EATS yarn. I also have 3 skeins of orange cork that I could use too.

I figure these are my options:

Option 1: knit on and use the orange cork in the cowl. I could still be short of yarn and this colour combo could look weird.

Option 2: rip back the brioche stitch on the body work the body in stockinette to generally conform to the pattern, knit the collar in brioche or even just rib I lose some of the design but get a big cozy sweater.

Option 3: put the the whole thing in a bag and put it away. Next Fall find another pattern for the cork (probably a Custom Fit) and find another yarn for Oshima (this pattern is fantastic). To console myself, immediately cast on something that I know will work.

Right now I'm voting for option 3. Especially the casting on part.

Thoughts? I think I need some knitter perspective.



Option 3 :) !

Option 3 all the way!

Mourn and out it away. Trying to make it work will take the pleasure out of the project.

Option 3 without a doubt!

I would go for number 2!

I vote option 3. If you love that yarn, you want it to be a sweater you're going to be totally happy with, and it sounds like knitting this pattern without the brioche isn't going to do that.

I'm so sorry about the yarn. That brioche does eat yarn like crazy. I vote for option 3 - make Oshima with something else and save the cork. Oshima is a wonderful knit!

It's beautiful so far! I say find a coordinating yarn color you like better for next to your face and finish it. You've got plenty of T.O. winter left to wear it...

I vote option C, but with the provision that you frog the body before putting it away. You'll just be annoyed all over again next Fall if you don't, and it will feel like more work if you have to frog this before starting over with the yarn.

Just ask me how I know.

OK, I was all for Option 2…until I read Option 3! Option 3.

I must agree with the majority, Option 3. Oshima is a beautiful pattern and should be enjoyed when knitting. This could end up in frustration... Cork is meant to be for a different pattern, I am sure it is out there.

I would vote for Option 3. The only change I would make would be to unravel it and either wash or steam it also whatever you have left and put it away so that when you are ready to reuse it, you will be able to start over "fresh" and not be reminded about Oshima/Cork. If you can't see it as it is now (beautiful) it may not "hurt" as much. That would be what I would do. The yarn is beautiful. You will find another pattern for the Cork.

Yup, gotta be option 3. It even rhymes!

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