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Toronto Peeps! Put March 24th In Your Calendars!

Guess who's finally coming to Toronto?

She's a knitter

She's an author

She's one of the original knit bloggers

She's fun, and fantastic and I love her to death...

Rachael Herron!!!!! (muppet flail)


I'm pretty sure this was the last time I saw Rachael--Rhinebeck 2009--which seems too long ago!

Rachael is on tour with her new book, Pack Up the Moon, (released today) and she's coming to Ben McNally Books in Toronto on March 24th, 6pm.

Pack up the moon

I can't wait to get inside this book.  I know Rachael is really proud of this one.

If you haven't read Rachael's Cypress Hollow books, you should have a look at those.  That series turned me into a person who reads romance novels.  They were happy, funny, light-hearted, engaging stories with some fine, steamy love scenes.  

I think we owe it to her as readers and knitters, to show her a good time while she visits Toronto.  Who's with me?!  


Hi Steph! I know this is unrelated, but I'm hoping you don't mind me asking you this favor. My sister sent me a link about knitted sweaters needed for penguins that have been in oil spills, so they don't ingest the oil trying to clean themselves off. The request is from The Penguin Foundation. I'm afraid if I try to put a link in the post the blog wizards will think it's spam, but if you google penguin sweaters oil spill there's a number of links. I'm going to post this on Franklin's, The Yarn Harlot's, and Rachael Herron's blogs as well. Could I trouble you to tweet about this? I believe in the power of the knitting community to help change the world into a better place!

I'll be there! I want to see everyone!

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