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Knitters, you'll understand this one

It was cold today in Toronto. It felt really cold because it's been unseasonably warm lately and suddenly the temperature dropped to like -15C. I wasn't ready.

On a day like today, I did what all good knitters do and loaded up on the knitwear. My Gretel beret, Nordic mittens, a seed stitch cowl and my Grey Mist Bohus; one of the nicest, most complicated things I've ever made (and also hacked to make smaller).

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What non-knitters notice today? Compliment the most? Talked about as an example of my fine work?

The seed stitch cowl.

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A project I made with a bunch of leftovers on a whim. The thing I made without a pattern or much thought. Sure it's a nice big squishy neck piece and it keeps out the cold. It's even sorta soft.

But it's not knit with angora/merino at 8 freakin stitches to the inch.

There isn't colour work where you have shades of white, bone, fawn, silver and pewter so subtle you have to knit it in full sun to be sure you're getting it right!

And, truth be told, that cowl isn't as warm as my Bohus.


Really, non-knitting people? Really?!


I just needed to get that out. To feel appreciated by my knitting-folk. I knew you'd understand.

Perhaps the cowl is the pinnacle of knitting when you're surrounded by piles of white acrylic scarves at the mall and when you look at them, they don't look all the difficult to make. It's familiar compared to a sweater that one can't even comprehend someone sitting down and knitting.

Yeah, thinking that will keep me warm...


Here's the problem (well, maybe... I'm speaking for the non-knitters when, as a knitter, I should know better)... Your hat, mitts and sweater are too nice. They assume there's no way in h-e-doublehockeystick that anyone (even one so talented as you) could possibly have made such amazingness by hand with some sticks and string. They're all wondering what your secret source is and how they can find their own. The cowl though? It's a little more approachable for those who don't know how to wield two needles to conjure such a thing. It looks like things they've seen in the store (especially recently - all hail the chunky seed stitch cowl) and they know you must have made it because you're a knitter .
Now I'm taking that hat off so I can properly gush and say OHMYGOSHTHEYREALLSOGORGEOUS!! Your Bohus is to die for, seriously. Those of us who know what you've actually done here sympathize and honor the hard work that went in to each of these items. Brava!

I think Tracy hit the nail on the head. I have often found that the things I'm most proud of actually knitting are the things no one things I knit. If I want acknowledgment I need to pipe up and say, "Hey, I knit this..." Not the most comfortable thing, but I will do it if my ego needs it that day.

Agree with Tracy and I have discovered the same thing in my Real Life. Fingerless mitts before they became the done thing, scarves, hats, lots of comments and compliments. That Icelandic cardigan? not so much

Yup. People always ask me if I made a big, pilled acrylic Volcom sweater that I wear on slouchy days.

Yep. It'll happen every time. You're sweater is gorgeous, by the way. Idiots.

Agree 100% with all these comments. The muggles don't recognize the work of art because they think it's store bought. I have the same challenge.

That's why wearing them at knitting festivals is such a rush. You're my hero for making the Bohus and for altering it!

Cast yet not, pearls before swine.

No one who isn't initiated into Bohus understands that yes, humans can knit these. You did a fabulous job!

I agree with the comments above, not to mention that really big accessories are a trend right now, so it would be more likely for someone to try to make their own even if they don't normally knit. Even I might make the mistake that you bought that sweater, it's absolutely perfect as far as I can tell! Not to mention that it must be sooooo cozy..

Your bohus is so stunning that it probably never occurred to people that it is physically possible to make it by hand. It's really, really gorgeous!

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