Zippers 102
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Zippers 102, Part B

I got down to sewing and really took my time. Sewing together the fronts is MAGIC and I'm still smacking myself for missing that part.

Once I got both sides done with the first stitches at the edges of the zipper tape, I paused the sewing and undid the bind off on the collar. The zipper was definitely a bit too long and was causing the waviness. I knit a few more rows, bound off and then did the final sewing, carefully turning over the long bit at the top.

Not going to lie, that took a couple of tries to get right. No photos of the frustrating parts!


Then, I sewed an overcast stitch along the middle of the zipper tape to keep it neat and stable. I definitely peeked through the sewn up knit facings to make sure it was sitting right and that I didn't sew through the pink yarn I used to keep the cardigan closed.

Correction: after I sewed through the pink yarn that I used to keep the cardi closed, I started paying more attention to that detail...

Once the sewing was complete, I removed the pink yarn, tucked in the threads and admired my handiwork.


100% improvement.

I'm so happy I took the time to fix this. Now this sweater is in high rotation in my wardrobe and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

No zipper showing:


Happy Knitter!




Looks fabulous. Good work!

Wow! That looks wonderful, and great work getting the zipper to behave. I've always sewed my zippers in using the sewing machine (and never been completely happy with the results) but last summer I had finished a sweater and needed to put in the zipper. I was far from my sewing machine, and didn't even have any thread available. So I unplied the yarn, and using shortish lengths, I sewed in the zipper with the sweater yarn. It worked so well! The slower process meant I could control exactly where I wanted the zipper to sit, and best of all, because of using the sweater yarn, where I attached the zipper is invisible. My new best way to put in a zipper.

Gorgeous sweater. Great job on the zipper. You are right. You can't see it.

Inspiring! That looks fantastic on you. I love sweaters with zippers but hate the installation I go the pullover route. So silly.

What a beautiful sweater! You did an awesome job on the front and zipper.

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