Zippers 102, Part B
I'm going to be an Auntie!

Off Hiatus

I didn't mean to let the time go by like it did. I actually had blog posts in my head from time to time that I just never got around to writing. Some ended up on Twitter and others just filled my head while biking to work, or out on a run, or while quietly knitting but never made it here.

It's too bad. These posts were about my great friends celebrating a birthday together at a winery. My secondment to a revitalizing new (albeit temporary) role that is exactly what I needed. Our family trip to Montreal and my 46th birthday. The fabulous gradient batt I spun up.

I guess that's all to say that while no one may end up reading this and because knit blogs may have had their time but only the most popular remain, I get something out of posting and I enjoy this partial diary of my life. Even if I'm away for a bit, I haven't left forever.

With that, here are some pictures of the spinning because it really is nifty.

I plan to knit some sort of shawlette that capitalizes on the colour. I have 300 yards so should be fine.

Spinning Sundays are yielding great results for me. My current project is to tackle some Lisa Souza BFL I bought not long after I bought my first wheel--so a long time ago. I have a whole pound which should make a sweater. I'm spinning about worsted weight and will use Custom Fit for the garment because it'll generate a pattern to my gauge. I love that I can spin the yarn that feels right at the time and then make a pattern that fits my yarn and me.

I'm one bobbin in and it's gorgeous. Deep teals with some purples and greens. It's lovely and relaxing to spin.

Hiatus is over. I'll try my best to write more often, especially since I plan to have some (small) adventures in both yarn and life.



Welcome back! And that's some cool yarn.

I read you! I'm sure others do, too. I know we all have to earn a living but I miss blogs that are just, well, BLOGS. Not selling patterns, books, yarn, etc. So write when you feel like it and no worries. And that is some gorgeous yarn right there. ahem.

Ditto to those happy to see you posting. I check in here regularly and am very happy to see a new entry. Knitting, life, whatever ... always an enjoyable read.

Beautiful, yes I do still read blogs and second the reading blogs for the joy of reading not just intent on selling. Many of those have drifted out of my reading. Glad your still here, thank you. Can not wait to see what those yarns become.

It's always nice when you show up on my RSS feed. :-) Something you do not know is that your long-ago posts about bicycle commuting have inspired me to try it this summer (well, that and Call the Midwife.)

I follow you on twitter, and have read your blog for years. It's good to see you back!

I'm so glad to see you post! And like the previous commenters, I too enjoy reading blogs for the sake of reading them, without the selling and advertising etc.
Post when you want and when you can, and I'll keep reading.

Gorgeous colours there, BTW!

I am still reading, too!! Gorgeous yarn.

I check your blog regularly and am always happy when there's a new post! Please keep blogging about whatever you are doing, and know there are many people out in the ether who are happy you're still here.

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