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The Blanket

The simple facts: Emma asked for a hand-knit blanket. I like to knit blankets (they're simple comfort knitting and always fit the recipient) so I started knitting in January. It would be her take-to-university-blanket. Nothing to see here.

The longer story: We decided on a pattern. Chose the yarn. Bought more yarn when I miscalculated how much Eco-Wool I would need (6 skeins in case you're wondering--this blanket weighs more than 2 kg).

I knit on this almost exclusively for six months; panicking a bit when the weather got warmer and wondered if I could get it done on time (there was some target setting--can you tell I'm a project manager?).


Emma did her things: school, homework, friends, cello, piano, a lead in The Drowsy Chaperone, movie watching, prom, teen stuff. She also chose a university and decided her "what's next". Science (probably majoring in Physics) at Western University.


She finished high school with honours. I finished the blanket shortly after. The pieces were stitched together. 

Metaphor? Maybe.

Or just how a knitter does things. Stitching beautiful objects that bring warmth and comfort.


I'm getting teary--which is probably why I haven't pronounced the blanket complete on social media... 

Emma leaves on Sunday. She has her blanket, her determination, her smarts and her sense of adventure. She's ready (mostly). I'm ready (mostly). Time for the next big project.



Emma will be awesome.

(I'm tears too. So proud of your kids!)

The blanket is beautiful and so is Emma. I can't believe she's old enough for university, it feels like she was still losing teeth when I started reading your blog.

Best of luck to her!

You got this mama! And you got this Emma! Physics is awesome (though I might be biased). The blanket is as lovely as the maker and recipient.

Beautiful blanket!

Stunning piece! Best wishes to Emma at uni!

Wow-the blanket is beautiful and Emma is gorgeous! Best of luck to her (and you) on this next chapter.

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