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Bang Out a Carbeth

I already had a Carbeth in my Ravelry queue when MSK declared February as Bang Out a Carbeth month for a knit-along. I loved the simplicity of the pattern; it’s a raglan turned sideways so the diagonal shaping line crosses the front and back instead of the shoulders. That’s a good shape for my body and broad shoulders and at 3.5 sts to the inch, it’s something easy to knit up. 

And the photos. I'm knitting the whole, wear a gorgeous skirt and frolic in the winter highlands lifestyle...

Finding the right yarn in my stash was the bigger problem. I made four swatches.  The roughly Aran weight handspun was a bit too floppy. The two strands of sport/dk together was delicious squooshy merino silk cashmere but I couldn’t get gauge. The Queensland tweed too thin to even finish the swatch. The Cascade Ecological wool was just right, except I only had one skein each of two colours (they were a gift). 

I did some colouring (my new iPad Pro is going to be great for knitting stuff) to determine how to use the two colours in a way that maximized the design. 



I chose the dark bottom with the light top (just above) I casted on and a week later I have the body done, one sleeve attached and the next one started.

All good.

Except I knit myself into a corner.


If I want to continue with knitting in the round, I'm going to have 4 skeins on the go. Light left sleeve, dark back, light right sleeve, dark front. I also have to figure out how to do the decrease so it's pretty. I was trying to think up a latvian-braid like effect with the decreases. Any hints or ideas on how I might do these 2 colour decreases? 

I could also do each piece separately and sew as was done with this beautiful colour-block Carbeth

I'm not against seaming a sweater, but will avoid it for this one if I can.



Leave one edge open and go back and forth.

I once did a cable in a raglan increase but I don’t see why you can’t do a decrease. You just have to figure out which decrease to use so it is hidden.

I had a 2 st cable at the raglan line with 1 st coming from each side of the line. When I crossed the cable, I did the increase in the middle of the cross.

It sounds like you're about to figure out how to do intarsia in the round!

Seriously, I thought about doing a similar sweater with the sleeves a different color than the body. It's possible, but you either need to have a seam somewhere, or you need to do intarsia in the round, or you need to work the sweater in pieces, or you make the sweater a cardigan or a henley.

It's possible to accomplish what you want. It's just a question of how badly you want it.

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