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I'm Back

No really, this time I mean it. 

Maybe not in a John Wick way...


But yeah, I'm thinking I'm back.

So why now? 

One reason is because I miss it. All the Facebooking and Twittering and Instagraming is okay, but none of them are long-form mediums. They're all meant to be short and also controlled by the platform and its algorithms. Blogging is a much freer medium. I don't have any ads or affiliate programs, just me and I can decide what I say, how I say it and when. And I realized that I don't really care if I get a like or a retweet or whatever. I do love when people comment and I love conversation, but there's something diffuse about social media that I'm liking less and less. I've practically given up Facebook (I've only logged in once since New Year's) and am consciously deciding to spend less time on Twitter (because it's really not very fun anymore). Both of these sort of replaced the blog, but not really. I think I missed writing and documenting my life here. 

And another funny thing happened. My kids, they grew up and are off at university.



I know, I can't really believe it either. 

It's been a bit weird with them gone. The pace of my life has changed. I'm not lonely or sad or anything like that, but the house is quieter, there's a hell of a lot less laundry and Craig and I are doing more than working and all the stuff that keeps our lives going. I will say that we miss the kids a ton--and really notice all the chores that now fall to us--but we know they're doing their things in the world and that's how parenting is supposed to work. 

When they left, I decided to give myself until after Rhinebeck to figure out what I was going to do with myself. I already knew I didn't want to work more. The job is good, but more of it doesn't make it better. I definitely wanted to knit and spin and weave more, but also know I'll need something else. Writing here will be one of those things and the other stuff, well, that's being more elusive. 

But I'll be ready when the opportunity arises to do something new. 

So for now, I pulled out my old And She Knits Too! banner (that I really love and should never have replaced) and changed my blog template a bit to mark my new resolve. I also warped the loom today and casted on for The Shieling (swoon) and also knit a bit on Twitch and am having fun with all things yarn-related. More about those projects soon.


Oh yay! Excellent news.

Glad to see you back! Our youngest flew the nest to college 5 years ago, so I think we're past the worst of the adjustment and well into enjoying the empty nest. Thank you for the link to The Shieling - wow! Added it to my Ravelry favorites but I need to get through some stashbusting before taking on a big project like that!

Happy to see you back..enjoyed your voice before! Hard to believe shen the kids leave that you then have to talk about them as is a mind shift. Enjoy finding what is next.

Excellent! Glad to 'see' you again. But....your kids in college????? Yikes! Seems impossible.

Glad you are back. I’ve been watching for you!

Waving! Glad you are back. I miss blogs too

So happy to see you are back!

I look forward to reading your posts. My youngest headed off to university this year, too. She is the only one to go out of state for school..... so I join you in navigating these new waters 🙂

Glad to find you back and blogging.

Becoming an empty nester is somewhat tramatic. I don't know if our "solution" of taking an ill fated work assignment offshore was the right answer, but,...

And, I just want to alert you to the fact that University empty nest still has more or less regular returns. Post Uni, in our case means our daughter moved to the Yukon, which is a long way from our home in Ontario (we moved after retirement from Toronto to our cottage on Lake Huron) As I said to one friend whose daughter moved far far away, that we did something right to make them independent, but something wrong to make them SO independent!

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