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My favourite mittens (a goodbye)

My Fiddlehead mittens have been the hand knit I've worn the most. I love the fit. I love the short cuff that covered my wrist but didn’t mess with the cuff of whatever coat I was wearing. I love the colour—colourful but grounded in a neutral. I love that they had a built in liner to keep my hands warm. 

I knew they were perfect the minute I finished them  

I wore these mittens most days in the winter. I rode my bike wearing these mittens even in the coldest weather. (Okay, so they weren’t great below -20C, but that’s asking a lot of hand knit mittens). 

They’ve been repaired and washed and loved. But then they were too worn out to repair (shifting gears on the bike is the likely culprit).


This year it’s time to say goodbye. 


I snipped out the liners and added a cuff. They can line some other mittens and live a little longer. But the outer mitt is done. 



Yes, I can knit another pair, but they may not be the same. The Tanis kit is no longer available so I might use two colours of the same yarn this time (If you have a kit in stash I will buy it!). Maybe I’ll strand in some kidsilk haze for extra warmth. Maybe I’ll knit something completely different just so I won’t compare. 


We had eight great years together. I already miss you...


I bought a great wool/alpaca kit for these mitts at the Peterborough yarn shop. I ageee. These are awesomely warm, perfect mitts.

8 years is a great run for mittens especially with all that the idea of mohair add in

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