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The Knitter's Dictionary

My very talented friend, Kate Atherley has a new book out--a perfect Christmas gift for a knitter (or yourself). 


The Knitter's Dictionary is just that, a dictionary of everything knit-related. It defines many of the usual terms: yo, alt, worsted and some you often read in patterns but which are often not defined--from the notorious At The Same Time to the silly Yarn Barf. 

The book itself is a tidy, small hardcover--easy to store in your knitting corner for quick reference. It is full of really nifty illustrations for things like darning eggs and decreases adding to the explanatory heft of this book.

I'm a long time knitter, solid Googler and love the idea of a book that keeps all these terms in one place. I'm also someone who used to read the dictionary as a kid, and I find myself with a cup of tea working my way through The Knitter's Dictionary from Across the Row/Round to Z-Twist.

This is another great book from Kate. I love her approach which aims to give knitters the knowledge and tools of our craft. A dictionary of terms is a perfect addition to the knitting cannon.



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